Ed Hill— one of the most respected men in Gospel music

Ed Hill's lifelong calling has been to spread the gospel through music. The son of a minister, Ed was born in St. Louis., Mo., and started singing at the early age of 15 with a group called "Humble Hearts." A few years later, when Ed's father became pastor of the First Baptist Church in Elizabethton, Tenn., it affected Ed's life forever due to the fact that it was here Ed met his future wife, Sharon. They've been 51 years and have a wonderful family. Their son David and his wife Lisa have two sons, David and Drew; and their daughter Lisa has one son, named David, after her brother.

It was at this same Baptist church Ed became acquainted with Lewis Garrison, (a.k.a. "Big Lew") who was the choir director serving with Ed's dad. Ed incorporated Lew's high tenor sound into a new group he was organizing called The Prophets Quartet. Little did they realize at the time that, together, they would become one of America's most respected Gospel quartets. The Prophets changed personnel through the years and included Jay Berry, Duane Allen, Dean Brown, but the best-known group was made up of Big Lew, Roy McNeal, Dave Rodgers and Ed with Joe Moscheo on the piano. Ed and The Prophets were soon to become regulars on the Gospel Singing Caravan television series along with the LeFevres, the Blue Ridge Quartet and the Johnson Sisters.

After Ed retired The Prophets, he enjoyed a lengthy tenure with Hovie Lister and The Statesmen.

J.D. Sumner of the Stamps Quartet asked Ed to manage his talent agency and music companies, and in 1973 was asked to sing baritone temporarily until a pernanent voice could be acquired. "Temporarily" lengthened into five years of fulltime service with the Stamps Quartet and with the late Elvis Presley.

In 1980, Ed was instrumental in the fast rise to popularity of The Singing Americans and was able to give a "hand up" to many young gospel artists—including Mike LeFevre, Rick Strickland, Michael English and Ivan Parker.

In 1987, J.D. Sumner reorganized the Stamps Quartet from his existing Master's V group, and J.D. again asked Ed to become a member of his group. According to J.D., Ed was "one of the best quartet men I ever worked with."

Ed, along with The Stamps were permanent members of the Elvis Presley Show until Elvis' death in 1977. The voice heard at the close of each Elvis performance . . . "Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building. Thank you and good night!" . . . was none other than Ed himself.

Following with death of J.D. Sumner in 1998, the Stamps continued performing as Golden Covenant.

In April 2004, Ed underwent triple by-pass surgery following a routine physical. In March 2005, he was attacked by a mini-stroke. Now totally restored, Ed has received the healing that God has promised to His children. His doctors have given him a clean bill of health and say his is able to return to his music ministry.

Anyone who knows Ed Hill will testify to the fact that during the last 55-plus years of his musical career, his humility, his love of gospel music, his love for God and his love and concern toward God's family are still apparent and vibrant as they were at the onset of his musical pursuits.

Whether singing at a small country church or as a backup singer for Elvis Presley, he has never changed. Ed still treats each person he meets as a friend and has one of the most beautiful baritone voices in the gospel music industry.

Ed's Christian life is exemplified at home with his loved ones and enjoys the reputation of being one of the most respected family men in the gospel music industry.

Edwin L. Hill, known around the world as "Ed Hill," continues to follow God's call upon his life and would love to share his song and his faith with you and your constituency.

To book Ed for a weekend service at your church or special event, please see his booking info. What can you expect from an Ed Hill concert?

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